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Human Rights in Jamaica


As a volunteer on the Human Rights placement, you will work alongside the Human Rights Programme Officer by helping to plan, coordinate and deliver Child Rights and Human Rights presentations.

Jamaica faces a major challenge in addressing the hundreds of children who go missing every year, as well as those who have been neglected, abused or abandoned. Your role on this project is to help raise awareness around these issues by conducting research and delivering presentations, among other tasks.

Volunteering on the Human Rights Project in Jamaica

Volunteers on the Human Rights project will need a background in social work, psychology or law; retired police officers and anyone with a good understanding of technology will also be able to make a huge difference on this project. You will also need to be skilled in conducting presentations and managing group dynamics.

Volunteers will be given the opportunity to work on a valuable project alongside the Human Rights Programme Officer to educate children and other vulnerable groups about their rights. You will make courtesy calls to human rights stakeholder organizations in Jamaica to get first-hand knowledge of their mandate and experiences. Volunteers will also visit the local court to get first-hand view of court proceedings in Jamaica.

Those wishing the get hands-on experience in child advocacy, counselling and court attendance may apply for the Child Rights Initiative (CRI), one of our Care programmes in Jamaica.

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