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Volunteering on a Journalism Internship Placement overseas in Mexico

Journalism - Interviewing the Governor

What better way to improve both your Spanish and your journalistic skills than to work with a newspaper or radio station in Mexico?

Our journalism placements are open to volunteers of all ages and levels of experience, no matter whether you are on a gap year or a career break. All we ask is that you are able to write and speak Spanish to a good standard. Many volunteers who don't feel confident enough in their language skills start off doing a month or two on another project practising their conversation skills before joining the journalism project.

On our Journalism placements in Mexico you will get not only an insider's view of how a print publication or radio station is run, but also the chance to put together an impressive portfolio of work. Your CV will be greatly enhanced by the practical skills that you gain during your journalism placement and your experience of living and working in a different country will act as proof of your courage and adaptability.

All journalism internship volunteers live and work in the town of Ciudad Guzman.

Print Journalism Placements in Mexico with Projects Abroad

Journalism - Radio Broadcast

Our print journalism placements are based at newspapers in the town of Ciudad Guzman, two hours outside of Guadalajara. You will be given a real opportunity to get involved, but the more enthusiasm and effort you put into the project the more you will get out of it.

In Ciudad Guzman we work with two local newspapers. To work on the journalism placement you need a good level of Spanish, however, no specific journalistic experience is required to work on the project.

You will start off shadowing local journalists who will show you how things work while passing on their knowledge, expertise and contacts. The print journalism placements offer volunteers a real opportunity to get involved, whether it be interviewing the locals about their opinions on a topical issue or writing about the latest sports event. By the end of your internship, you should have a number of published articles to add to your portfolio.

If you have an interest in football you may get to spend an evening watching the Chivas football team play in the famous Jalisco stadium in Guadalajara; if you are interested in politics, you may act as a researcher for a relevant news team. Let our local staff - and your editor - know what interests you most and we will try to accommodate this on your placement.

Radio Journalism Placements in Mexico with Projects Abroad

Journalism - Jalisco Stadium

Volunteers can also join a journalism placement at a radio station in the town of Ciudad Guzman. You may end up presenting an hour-long radio show three days a week, or searching out stories in the town - giving you the opportunity to mix with the local community.

If you can demonstrate enthusiasm and creativity, you will be offered plenty of opportunities to get involved in different stories and projects. Previous volunteers have co-presented live current affairs programmes, conducted interviews live on the radio, reported on news and sports and helped to run a hugely popular university radio station.

Working at the radio station in Ciudad Guzman you will get the chance to observe, and then get involved in, radio production and all the behind the scenes work. Later, if you have built up enough confidence you can make your own radio shows, with a combination of interviews, music and current affairs; it can be whatever you want it to be!

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