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Morocco: Volunteer on Human Rights & Law Internships and Work Experience

Traditional music and dance The experience that you will gain while volunteering on the Human Rights and Law Project in Morocco will undoubtedly improve your CV. This applies whether you are a gap-year student looking to study law; a law student on a sabbatical or term break; or a graduate looking to gain some practical work experience in human rights prior to a masters in human rights or law.

Your precise role will be determined by your knowledge of law and level of interest in specific areas of human rights. International law experience is certainly something that all law firms will be pleased to see when recruiting trainees and new partners. International Human Rights NGO posts necessitate experience in the field.

This year, Morocco celebrates King Mohammed VI’s tenth year on the throne. Over the past decade many national and international organisations have been working with the Moroccan authorities, to improve the situation of the poor and vulnerable within the country, and Projects Abroad volunteers are assisting them in a variety of hands-on initiatives, policy building research, and fact-finding missions.

The Human Rights & Law Project’s main language of communication is Arabic or French. Volunteers should have at least a high intermediate level of French or Arabic and should be confident in both writing and speaking in one or both of these languages.

Volunteering on a Human Rights and Law Internship in Morocco

Volunteers and staff in Morocco Depending on your studies and areas of interest, you have different opportunities in Morocco for Human Rights and Law. Legally minded volunteers who have begun a year of pre-law or law courses can work in a private law firm alongside lawyers researching case precedents and developing litigation with special attention to civil law. Grass roots organisations need assistance with many things such as fact finding missions, educational campaigns, refugee work, and general support of vulnerable people.

Most private law firms and human rights organisations are located in the cosmopolitan capital of Rabat or the commercial capital of Casablanca. A placement on this project offers a unique opportunity for legal work and a special cultural experience for anyone interested in the field of human rights and law.

Our main projects involve the rights of women, children and refugees.

Rabat Your role might involve various activities such as:

  • Raising awareness in communities
  • Preparing leaflets, posters or educational tools
  • Running training programmes
  • Planning promotional campaigns
  • Monitoring elections

The human rights organisations, and law firms we partner with, are serious professional bodies. You may sometimes have deadlines or you may be asked to represent the organisation at meetings and other events. Your work will be important for the growth of human rights in North Africa.

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