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Group Development Projects

The projects below provide a few examples of the type of work your group can get involved in. The majority of our projects can be undertaken by groups – please let us know what interests you.

Community Work in Ghana

Tailor-Made Group Trips, Projects - Volunteers in Ghana

Projects Abroad runs a community housing project and a community garden project in the picturesque Akuapem Hills north of Accra. We are helping local people construct new village houses including a new school and community centre, in the previously run-down village of Kwamoso. Even in two weeks, you can see a difference! Our community garden is a very small organic farm with a pets corner and small area for wildlife - this always needs tending and we encourage local schoolchildren to take an interest and work with us, so we hope you can spend a little of your time there too. We arrange a weekend in Cape Coast where you can visit Elmina Slave fort and Kakum Rainforest Reserve. You can view a sample itinerary.

Group Conservation Projects

Conservation & Environment in India

Projects Abroad runs a model farm on the edge of the Tamil plain right where it meets the Western Ghat Mountains. This is deep in rural India. As a volunteer you take part in normal farm life, including milking the cows and tending the herbs and vegetables. Our farm is beginning to have a real impact on the approach to farming in the villages around, helped by our outreach programme into local schools. This is a chance to take part in a project achieving scientific and community objectives. The weekend is spent exploring the great temples and other amazing sights in the pilgrimage city of Madurai.

Conservation & Spanish in Mexico

Located at the Campamento Tecoman biological station on the Pacific Coast you will spend your time learning Spanish by day and helping protect the rare Olive Ridley turtle by night. This project offers you an opportunity like no other. You will receive four hours of Spanish tuition a day. Classes are extremely interactive and you will receive great encouragement every step of the way. Whether you want to master the basics or improve your Spanish, the teaching will be adjusted to your level.

In the evenings you will be working on our turtle project - helping count, collect and bury the precious eggs in a safe enclosure to protect them from predators and poachers. Once the eggs have hatched you will help release the new born turtles into the sea. Your weekend trip will be to one of the spectacular beach resorts on the Mexican Pacific Cost. You will return home having both improved your language skills and contributed to wildlife protection and having had a really good time in Mexico.

Group Expedition Projects

Inca Projects in Peru

Tailor-Made Group Trips, Projects - Inca projects in Peru

The Empire of the Incas destroyed by the Spanish conquerors in medieval times is still being re-discovered. With each discovery, our realisation of its greatness grows. Projects Abroad excavations have uncovered ancient trails, major agriculture schemes and fine stone buildings. You can join our excavators. We are also sensitive to the needs of modern Peru and we would therefore also like you to join our community work which helps us and local people learn together about their astounding history. This also eventually paves the way for tourists, who will bring the money to sustain the excavations and the communities. You can be an important link in the chain of history and its revelation. At the weekend, you have a chance to visit the world-famous Lost City of Machu Picchu.

Nomadic Life in Mongolia

Tailor-Made Group Trips, Projects - Nomad project in Mongolia

This is an opportunity to get some direct experience of a way of life, and an ancient culture, that has changed little even in modern times. You can be of practical help to Nomadic families, as they move their herds and belongings from pasture to pasture, competing in Naadam racing and wrestling festivals, and living their lives in a harsh climate in their Gers (large round family tents). The Nomads also teach you skills like herding, archery and the preparation of festival food. At the weekend, we take you in search of dinosaur fossils in the desert.

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