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Testimonials - By Destinations - China

  • General
  • “My most memorable experience was sitting in the lighthouse bar on the Bund, overlooking the Pudong skyline whilst practicing some of the Mandarin that I had learnt on my placement. It made me really what an amazing place Shanghai is and how much I had learnt and experienced in the 2 months that I was there.”
    Katherine Potter
  • “I would wholeheartedly recommend Projects Abroad. I would not have ventured into China on my own, but having Projects Abroad organise everything gave me peace of mind and helped make it a really enjoyable experience.”
    Anna Rizza
  • “I think the most memorable thing about my trip to China was the warmth with which I was welcomed by the people. There were many fun nights spent with volunteers and staff, but also with the locals. The Chinese attitude towards work took some getting used to, but gave me a good insight into the different culture I was immersed in.”
    Arti Krishna
  • “My trip to China was a life-changing experience.”
    Michael Schulkins
  • “The reality of being placed in a totally alien environment was such a thrill that I’m hoping to do all again with Projects Abroad.”
    Michael Schulkins
  • Business
  • “I was given a huge responsibility from the start of my placement. I was given a plan for the companies’ English Clubhouse and left to it. The success of the project was on my shoulders from the start, and I enjoyed this challenge alongside learning about HR and marketing.”
    Fenny Mehta
  • Journalism
  • “I was invited to write a short commentary of the first ever ‘Shanghai Business Women of the Year’ award, a big event in a posh hotel with the Directing Manager of Ann Summers... because our company was partly hosting the event I became chief interviewer! …”
    Gemma Osborne
  • “I got four articles publisher it gave me good work experience and provided me with the starting block for an excellent and constructive gap year.”
    Gemma Osborne
  • “I met a Chinese Rock band, and having listened to them perform, joined them and am still working for them as a lyricist!”
    Adam Edelshain
  • Teaching
  • “The first lesson that I taught on my own was obviously nerve wracking, but the students were wonderful. They were used to foreign students and I found that they were very keen to make me feel happy and comfortable – I hardly noticed the time passing and by the end of it I was definitely looking forward to my next lesson!”
    Gemma Evans
  • “The School was extremely well equipped meaning for the last week of my teaching I could use a Multimedia Lab! I made a PowerPoint presentation and even showed the students some British music videos. The look of excitement and interest in there faces was extremely rewarding.”
    Chris Brown
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