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Testimonials - By Destinations - Mongolia

  • General
  • “My most memorable experience was going into the Mongolian countryside. We ate a traditional Mongolian BBQ, stayed in a traditional Ger and went horse riding. We met children at a summer camp, which was amazing. When we arrived they all looked so happy. They were playful and friendly and I didn’t want to leave!”
    Gemma Cavill
  • “The Mongolians were incredibly welcoming and friendly, and the fellow volunteers were also great. I have life-long memories of these two months and I wouldn’t swap them for anything.”
    James Macleod
  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Medicine
  • “The placement not only gave me an insight into medicine, but medicine and healthcare in the third world.”
    Dylan Amenumey
  • “Being in theatre while a baby girl was born via a caesarian operation was amazing!”
    Dylan Amenumey
  • “Simply walking around the hospital in my scrubs made me feel like I was a doctor already!”
    Dylan Amenumey
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