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Testimonials - By Destinations - Nepal

  • Care
  • “I had so much fun doing the dance and games sessions with the students and just making them happy is so rewarding. ... I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to experience another culture as you really do get involved in the custom and traditions in ways that a normal tourist is not able to. My experience taught me so much and although at times it is difficult the rewarding times and the smiles of the children make it all worthwhile.”
    Marie Pillar
  • “The most memorable time was when we got the children at the Life Development Centre to paint. We did lots of hand paintings in different colours and also foot paintings which went down a treat with the children… they were all beaming and giggling that day, it was quite a messy experience but the main thing is that they were having fun.”
    Lucinda Thompson
  • Medicine & Healthcare
  • Medicine
  • “The local staff were all so helpful, which made my experience even more amazing.”
    Hannah Kerr-Peterson
  • Physiotherapy
  • “It was an amazing, eye-opening, life-changing experience. Meeting both the local people and the other volunteers from around the world was invaluable. I feel I have gained in confidence and now feel comfortable facing challenging situations alone.”
    Hannah Thorne
  • “My time in Nepal was fantastic. I loved every minute! As a pre-physio student it's been really helpful for me in gaining experience before I start my course.”
    Sarah Wilson
  • “Visiting a child’s house in a tiny village was a memorable experience. The child was blind and had severe Cerebral Palsy. I did some exercises with him and taught the father some important exercises and then just played with the boy who laughed his head off! It brought tears to my eyes.”
    Theresa Mohan
  • “In the eight weeks I was in Nepal one of my patients (spinal injury – paralysis of legs) progressed from complete bed rest to being able to transfer herself from her wheelchair to the treatment bed unaided.”
    Jill Maxwell
  • Teaching
  • “My time in Nepal was without a doubt an absolutely fantastic experience, the children I taught were absolutely adorable and the volunteers were great friends”
    Anna Thomson
  • “I really felt I bonded with some of the classes I taught, coming into a class and seeing these big smiles and looks of excitement will be one of the everlasting memories I will take with me from my time in Nepal.”
    Andrew Fryer
  • “The whole placement was magical! The beauty of the place, the friendliness and spirit of the people, the friends that I made and the amazing children made the whole experience memorable.”
    Olivia Porteous
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