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Testimonials - By Destinations - Peru

  • General
  • “It was an incredible experience with a great spirit and atmosphere. Great place to meet new people. Anybody who likes wildlife, learning about the local environment or has any interest in biology would love it there.”
    Eilidh Southren
  • “The 5 months I spent in Peru were by far the best of my life....I now look back and see how far I’ve come, the independence and tolerances you learn are all skills to be appreciated… I chose to spend more time with my host family and through doing so I had a fully immersed experience and one which I will treasure.”
    Joanna King
  • Care
  • “Peru was my favourite and most enjoyable experience. Life is so simple, people are generous and genuine. My host family were great and encouraged me to learn and use my Spanish.”
    Sara Bell
  • Conservation & Environment
  • “Relaxing at the end of my first day and feeling like I’d already been there for weeks, meeting an amazing bunch of like-minded people who I’ll be staying in touch with; waking up in the rainforest every day and seeing something completely different; realising how much I didn’t want to go when I started packing yesterday.”
    Eilidh Southren
  • “The whole experience was brilliant and the experience gained in Conservation was immeasurable”
    Rachael Portnall
  • “Finding new species of birds for the reserve was brilliant. We really felt that we were contributing to the conservation and science of the jungle.”
    Rachael Portnall
  • “Living in the jungle was very special and knowing that what you saw next could and probably would be different to what you have seen before was amazing.”
    Lee Barber
  • “I have extreme confidence in Projects Abroad as my experience was amazing – I would definitely, and will, recommend you to others in the future.”
    Zoe Gibbons
  • “Every morning when I woke up inside my mosquito net and remembered I was in the Amazon cloud forest (paradise on earth) I couldn’t help grinning!”
    Caroline St. Johnstone
  • "It was great fun and I really felt I was making a difference. It was great meeting other volunteers from so many countries and the staff really made it an amazing trip for me."
    Robert Aylwin
  • "Working with the animals everyday was amazing and the other volunteers helped create an amazing atmosphere. I really feel like I've made friends for life. The staff were also awesome and I love them all."
    Rebecca Elliott
  • ‘Everything was perfect. The staff were incredibly knowledgeable and willing to teach this knowledge. The family atmosphere, the work, just being at Taricaya is like living the best dream you ever had.’
    Sam Blacker
  • Community
  • Inca Project
  • “The four months in Peru were far and away the best of my life to date, not least thanks to the organisation of the projects I was taking part in.”
    George Marshall
  • “Finding a new Inca ruin on my second day was pretty awesome!”
    Tom Barlow
  • ‘I had a great experience with Projects Abroad. I felt that I could talk to my manager about any problem. I would definitely recommend Projects Abroad to others. I will never forget my experience in Peru.’
    Rita Barose
  • Teaching
  • “My school has to be one of my most memorable experiences. It was different to anything in Europe – but great! Very welcoming! “
    Elizabeth Banfield
  • “Absolutely - I had the most amazing time - a completely indescribable experience. Amazing country, amazing staff, great host family, incredible project! I would recommend the Teacher Training program to anybody!”
    Laura Gent
  • The four months in Peru were far and away the best of my life to date, not least thanks to the organisation of the projects I was taking part in.”
    George Marshall
  • “The work I was involved in was brilliant and I really miss all my kids I taught in Peru.”
    Richard Bartlett
  • “My overall experience was absolutely amazing. I met some of the most wonderful people, saw some amazing places and will remember the children I worked with for a long, long time.”
    Rachel Fearnley
  • “I was a volunteer at the Teacher Training Program in Cusco. The more thought I've given to my travels abroad, the more I've realized the two projects I worked at in Peru, both the Teacher Training and Inca Archaeology projects, were two of the most well-run projects which afforded me the greatest opportunities for impactful service and personal growth. Looking back on my experience in the classroom as well as the experiences of the other volunteers I was working with, I heard nothing but optimism and positivity. Each volunteer felt that they were truly making an impact in the lives of their teachers and likewise felt the experience and skills they were gaining to be invaluable. 

    Today, I had the privilege of hearing former President Toledo speak at my university. He addressed the dire need for improved quality of education in Peru and stressed that this will only be achieved through increased and improved teacher training. Tim DeWinter, the Projects Abroad Peru Director, has established and runs a phenomenal teacher training program which does exactly this. It impacts the lives of countless students (not to mention volunteers) who may just go on to change the trajectory of Peru.”
    Tyler Karahalios
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