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Testimonials - By Destinations - Romania

  • General
  • "I will always recommend Romania as a destination to anyone. It is so complex and interesting, a truly fascinating country."
    Alice Gibbs
  • “I had a wonderful experience and will cherish hundreds of memories, I felt like I could return home with some real knowledge of Transylvania and at least an idea of what life is like there.”
    Alice Gibbs
  • “I have so many memories of Romania….. The kids at school, the friendliness of other volunteers, the fact that there are mountains on the horizon everywhere you look in Brasov. Talking to my host, just by pointing, miming and making faces!”
    Elizabeth Ibbotson
  • “The social life that I had whilst in Romania contributed a huge amount to the fantastic time that I had. My host family was situated right in the centre of the city and the staff were great. All of them were keen to socialise with us and organised trips to the cinema and parties! I had a fabulous time and would do it all again!”
    Emily Sharman
  • “I just received the Projects Abroad newsletter and just wanted to commend you all for an outstanding programme.  My son, Josh, is currently in Romania with Projects Abroad and is having an extraordinary experience.  The staff in Brasov has been fantastic.  My husband and I visited our son and met the team - what a dedicated and wonderful group of people.  

    I have been extremely impressed with Projects Abroad from the moment Josh signed up.  I was thrilled (and surprised) when the teaching coordinator (Daniella) called him at home to welcome him to the programme.  We have appreciated the informative newsletters that the journalism coordinator (Alexandra) emails us. 

    Josh's host mother is absolutely delightful (although I'm afraid he won't like my cooking when he comes home!!).  The teaching experience has been awesome.  And when my son needed to see a doctor recently, they took him to an excellent physician (even better than at home, my son reported).  As a parent, it is really comforting to know that your child is in such good hands.  

    I wanted to thank Projects Abroad - it is clearly a well organised, top notch organisation.  We did a lot of research before sending our son across the world, and Projects Abroad has lived up to everything we read (and more).  This gap year experience has been life-changing for my son, and will certainly have a positive impact on his future.  He has even decided to major in global relations when he enters college next year.

    Many, many thanks to all of you.”
    Jan Fellerman
  • “I loved my time in Brasov very much and it shall always be treasurered in my heart. The job, the Projects Abroad staff in Brasov, my host mother, my roommates, my colleagues, and the citizens of Brasov have made me a better person. I’ve discovered that a smile and an open mind are two universal “languages” that are receptive to all people in all cultures.”
    Supattra Rabin
  • “My experience in Romania was life altering. It opened my eyes to the immense deprivation that is so close to home. Working with the orphans was humbling. I hope I was able to provide them with enough of the attention that they so clearly craved. Overall, a fantastic memory. I have met lifelong friends and have definitely been inspired to travel even more after Uni. Thank you.”
    Tiffany Cunningham
  • Care
  • “Once the kids got used to me, we had great fun together. Playing hide and seek with the younger children, and helping the older ones with their homework.
    Emily Sharman
  • “The experience was of great value. I learned a great deal about the part of Romania in which I lived and about people’s lives. I gained a greater understanding of systems in education and child care. I also gained some knowledge about myself and acquired new skills.”
    Linda Aston
  • “My most memorable day was when I finally made a breakthrough with both the staff and the children at the orphanage. Sitting opposite one of the Romanian workers, we coaxed one of the babies-Sergia-into taking his first steps. I was nearly in tears!”
    Sian Oram
  • “The way the toddlers faces lit up when we arrived each morning will be something I’ll never forget. I’d never worked with toddlers before and was pretty nervous, but from the second I walked in they were overwhelmingly affectionate towards me.”
    Stephanie Harrington
  • Teaching
  • “I will never forget my time in Romania. It was a life changing experience filled with a roller coaster of emotions. The friends I made, the work I did and the love shared with the children are memories which will stay with me and I will cherish for the rest of my life.”
    Sarah Walsh
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