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  • "I had an absolutely amazing experience I will never forget. I made so many friends and enjoyed becoming a friend to the girls at the orphanage. I really hope to go back there in the not too distant future. My host family couldn’t have been more welcoming, I have never felt so at home away from home. They began to feel like an extension of my own family."
    Lydia Finnegan (in Bolivia)
  • “Moments like watching the girls perform in a production of Little Red Riding Hood, coaching the girls to victory in the inter-orphanage football tournament, or the looks on their faces when we took them to the funfair will stay with me forever… You’re never alone and should never be bored in Cochabamba!”
    Katy Fraser (in Bolivia)
  • “I would recommend Projects Abroad to others, I think they are a good company. The support and help were vital for me travelling to Africa for the first time. All the staff were really helpful, they supported me throughout my time in Ghana.”
    Alice Groves (in Ghana)
  • "Projects Abroad opens your eyes to different cultures and different ways of living."
    Jennifer Field (in Ghana)
  • “The most memorable experience was when I went with the children to a party held by a Christian group nearby. We were all put on a small bus and had a really good day. It was great to see them eating lots of ice-cream and playing with toys and generally having fun. At the end of the day they all sang and danced for us which was really sweet and made the whole trip worthwhile.”
    Rhea Walker (in Ghana)
  • “I loved my placement, really felt it was worthwhile and made so many small but significant breakthroughs with the children, I felt like I was making a difference.”
    Ruth Bowling (in Ghana)
  • “The children I worked with at the orphanage were amazing and it was so hard to leave – I’ll certainly be returning!”
    Emily Baumer (in Ghana)
  • “The first time we took the children swimming is something that I’ll never forgot. They were so excited by something that we take for granted in our lives. It was so lovely seeing them do something that they would never usually be able to do. Seeing them smile made me smile.”
    Emily Baumer (in Ghana)
  • “This experience has made me appreciate a lot of things that I used to take for granted. I have also realized that I’d like to pursue a career working with kids.”
    Emily Baumer (in Ghana)
  • “At my placement in Cape Coast it was rewarding to see a transformation in the children. Two year olds who didn’t know how to play and who had never drawn a picture before turned into bubbly, outgoing kids.”
    Hannah Wilson (in Ghana)
  • “The local staff were always available to talk, 24 hours-a-day no matter what the problem or query was.”
    Katherine Schryver (in Ghana)
  • “The party we had was a huge success as the children (and teachers!) loved all the games such as musical bumps, and pass the parcel. It was really rewarding to see them enjoy it so much.”
    Katherine Schryver (in Ghana)
  • “My most memorable experience was visiting a school at the end of term and teaching within the orphanage that I was attached too. The experience was truly rewarding and valuable for all concerned.”
    Elaine Rogers (in Ghana)
  • "Meeting and spending time with the children at the day care centre has been wonderful as the kids are very well mannered and fun to be with. Meeting volunteers from other countries has also been good as it gives different insights to other cultures, languages and ways of life."
    Gary Maguire (in Ghana)
  • “My stay in the Good Shepherd orphanage was incredible. Upon arrival I knew that I was well on my way to falling in love with the kids. The way they look out for one another and show such love and happiness is very inspiring. These kids have a tough life, are poorly educated, poorly looked after, yet despite sickness and any other difficulties they may have they still smile, and are undoubtedly the most friendly, kindest people that I have ever met. I remember sitting for hours one night teaching the kids different languages and learning twi from them.”
    Grainne Tuohy (in Ghana)
  • “One particularly memorable experience was a visit I made to the Royal Seed Needy Home. As I walked in through the gate I knew there was something special about this place. I cried as I walked around the orphanage and saw the care and commitment that went into running the home as well as the pure love that the kids show. To describe the experience is impossible…. As I write this I realise that the most memorable thing from my trip is the smiles on these kids faces as they see you coming, the smiles on the kids faces in the street as they shout ‘Obruni!’ and run to meet you. It has changed my whole outlook on life.”
    Grainne Tuohy (in Ghana)
  • “My first day at New Life Orphanage was wonderful. So many new and beautiful faces welcoming me and wanting to play. I felt so lucky to be part of their family.”
    Maddie Willems (in Ghana)
  • “I'm not sure I can choose one specific experience, as there were so many. so many funny things happened while I was working at the orphange, which I will never forget.”
    Natalie Raperport (in Ghana)
  • “I felt the work we did contributed to the community, which made my experience more worthwhile and meaningful.”
    Luci Pollock (in Ghana)
  • “Teaching was very rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable, I'm glad I took part in a volunteering programme.”
    Rebecca Hilliard (in Ghana)
  • "I would most definitely reccommend Projects Abroad, the trip was well organised and offered variety. It was a great cultural experience for me."
    Rebecca Grimes (in Ghana)
  • “The little moments spent at Ashram, all combined to make a memorable placement. Having a class of 3-4 year olds drag you to a lesson by your hand, grins all over their cheeky faces, a girl rushing over to see you after a weekend away, obviously so pleased to see you again; and sharing stories and jokes with them on a daily basis.”
    Holly Knight (in India)
  • “The most wonderful thing about my placement was the chance to see the development and progress made by the physically disabled children at the hospital. Just by holding them and talking to them, the enjoyment was so clear in their faces.”
    Amy Byatt (in India)
  • “The most memorable incident at the orphanage I worked at was on my final day. All the staff cooked a meal for us (it was even vegetarian, as I don’t eat meat & fish!) and threw a party to say goodbye. They made banners wishing me farewell, which all of the children signed. It was so sad to say goodbye to all the staff and kids, but such a wonderful memory to look back on.”
    Hannah Bushell (in Mexico)
  • “Although at times it was hard and sad working in the orphanage I did feel that I was helping and that the kids were gaining something from my being there… thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime.”
    Regina Hallam-Abel (in Mexico)
  • “I had so much fun doing the dance and games sessions with the students and just making them happy is so rewarding. ... I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to experience another culture as you really do get involved in the custom and traditions in ways that a normal tourist is not able to. My experience taught me so much and although at times it is difficult the rewarding times and the smiles of the children make it all worthwhile.”
    Marie Pillar (in Nepal)
  • “The most memorable time was when we got the children at the Life Development Centre to paint. We did lots of hand paintings in different colours and also foot paintings which went down a treat with the children… they were all beaming and giggling that day, it was quite a messy experience but the main thing is that they were having fun.”
    Lucinda Thompson (in Nepal)
  • “Peru was my favourite and most enjoyable experience. Life is so simple, people are generous and genuine. My host family were great and encouraged me to learn and use my Spanish.”
    Sara Bell (in Peru)
  • “Once the kids got used to me, we had great fun together. Playing hide and seek with the younger children, and helping the older ones with their homework.
    Emily Sharman (in Romania)
  • “The experience was of great value. I learned a great deal about the part of Romania in which I lived and about people’s lives. I gained a greater understanding of systems in education and child care. I also gained some knowledge about myself and acquired new skills.”
    Linda Aston (in Romania)
  • “My most memorable day was when I finally made a breakthrough with both the staff and the children at the orphanage. Sitting opposite one of the Romanian workers, we coaxed one of the babies-Sergia-into taking his first steps. I was nearly in tears!”
    Sian Oram (in Romania)
  • “The way the toddlers faces lit up when we arrived each morning will be something I’ll never forget. I’d never worked with toddlers before and was pretty nervous, but from the second I walked in they were overwhelmingly affectionate towards me.”
    Stephanie Harrington (in Romania)
  • “I grew very close to the children and we loved playing with them after teaching English. We still continue our lessons via mail – they are just so enthusiastic to learn, wonderful children. .. I have recommended Projects Abroad to so many people already and I have told everyone I know that they have to go to Sri Lanka. I had the best time of my life and I am so glad I decided to take a gap year.”
    Hannah Elson (in Sri Lanka)
  • “One of most memorable experiences was teaching a little blind girl to walk and talk.”
    Melody Davies (in Thailand)
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