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Testimonials - By Projects - Conservation and Environment

  • “The placements were fantastic, the staff brilliant and the overall experience life changing. The experience was far more than I had ever expected.”
    Oliver Rodi (in Mexico)
  • “As a teenager interested in going abroad and also doing some volunteer work, I had trouble finding a programme that combined both aspects. Through extensive internet exploring I was able to come across Projects Abroad, and I could not be happier! This programme is great for young students wanting to travel alone, because the staff are plenty, helpful, and well educated. They are also extremely friendly and well-humoured! I was impressed with all of the staff members in Mexico.

    Also, I was a bit fearful of going abroad by myself, because I have heard many horror stories of sham or poorly organised programmes. However with Projects Abroad I knew I was in safe hands because of the helpful website, email from the coordinator, news updates by email and even instant messaging on the website.

    I was also impressed with the office, with its professional atmosphere and numerous workers. After being so well taken care of, I expect to do future travels abroad with Projects Abroad. I hope that the programme continues to develop in new locations and offers more choice of countries in the future.”
    Sally Cho (in Mexico)
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed my placement in Mexico. I would recommend Projects Abroad to anyone thinking of taking a gap year.”
    Simon Ellis (in Mexico)
  • "Don't waste the chance to do something like this - I cannot imagine missing out on an opportunity like this."
    Katie Warner (in Mexico)
  • “I would not hesitate to recommend Teaching and Projects Abroad to others and in particular the turtle camp project, for the experience of a lifetime.”
    Laura Bird (in Mexico)
  • “I just wanted to say thank you for everything during my time in the jungle. I don’t think I could have chosen to do anything more worthwhile with my gap year”
    Vicky Dauncey (in Mexico)
  • “I have made so many friends with both staff members and other volunteers, and for the four months you accept everyone for who they are and just have the time of your life.”
    Anthony Skelding (in Mexico)
  • “The trip has really made me appreciate how important the rainforest is and encouraged me to think about going travelling in the future. I would definitely recommend Projects Abroad to other people.”
    Rachael Jamieson-Craig (in Mexico)
  • “Relaxing at the end of my first day and feeling like I’d already been there for weeks, meeting an amazing bunch of like-minded people who I’ll be staying in touch with; waking up in the rainforest every day and seeing something completely different; realising how much I didn’t want to go when I started packing yesterday.”
    Eilidh Southren (in Peru)
  • “The whole experience was brilliant and the experience gained in Conservation was immeasurable”
    Rachael Portnall (in Peru)
  • “Finding new species of birds for the reserve was brilliant. We really felt that we were contributing to the conservation and science of the jungle.”
    Rachael Portnall (in Peru)
  • “Living in the jungle was very special and knowing that what you saw next could and probably would be different to what you have seen before was amazing.”
    Lee Barber (in Peru)
  • “I have extreme confidence in Projects Abroad as my experience was amazing – I would definitely, and will, recommend you to others in the future.”
    Zoe Gibbons (in Peru)
  • “Every morning when I woke up inside my mosquito net and remembered I was in the Amazon cloud forest (paradise on earth) I couldn’t help grinning!”
    Caroline St. Johnstone (in Peru)
  • "It was great fun and I really felt I was making a difference. It was great meeting other volunteers from so many countries and the staff really made it an amazing trip for me."
    Robert Aylwin (in Peru)
  • "Working with the animals everyday was amazing and the other volunteers helped create an amazing atmosphere. I really feel like I've made friends for life. The staff were also awesome and I love them all."
    Rebecca Elliott (in Peru)
  • ‘Everything was perfect. The staff were incredibly knowledgeable and willing to teach this knowledge. The family atmosphere, the work, just being at Taricaya is like living the best dream you ever had.’
    Sam Blacker (in Peru)
  • “Three weeks ago we went to Makula Makete to learn about their cheetah conservation project. Makula Makete is one of 23 game reserves in South Africa who have endeavoured to save this highly endangered species! It was a great opportunity for us volunteers to actually get close to this fantastic cat and to learn more about its habits from the people that have first hand experience.

    It took our guide, Benny, only an hour to track the one female cheetah on Makula Makete. It was amazing to see her in her natural environment and we even got a chance to walk up to her only 15 metres away!

    The day ended walking on of the reserves hiking trails, the ‘Baobab Route’ where the 6 km trail takes you past 28 baobab trees. It was a stunning sight to see so many big trees so close together.”
    Casper Zachhau (in South Africa)
  • “To sum up, I’ve had a wonderful experience, I have seen, heard, felt, smelt and learned many new things in a world away from home. I would recommend such an experience to anyone who would like to see the African bush, have a unique adventure and truly wants to make a difference”
    Luc Verschuren (in South Africa)
  • “Almost two months ago I started my ‘Big Adventure’, going to the bush of South Africa and Botswana without really knowing what it would be like. After 30 hours of travelling and a night in a lodge, myself and my friend, Jeroen De Muynck, arrived at camp, our new home for the next two months! When I look back now, it’s been amazing!

    We’ve experienced living in the bush and we have explored life in South Africa and Botswana. I have learnt lots about the wildlife here and also about the local culture. It’s amazing to watch elephants 30 metres away from a hide that we had a hand in making. We’ve also been very lucky with the leopards! You can’t describe the feeling that goes through your body when you are eye to eye with one of Africa’s great predators only metres away from you.

    I loved my stay here and will miss it when I get back home to Belgium. Legodimo makes you feel at home and if you come here from overseas or not, you’ll never be alone!”
    Wouter Verpoest (in South Africa)
  • "My first dive in the sea where I saw a sea turtle and just watching it swim through the water was my most memorable moment… I want to say that the people at Ao Nang dive centre were superb and were one of the main reasons I enjoyed myself so much.”
    Alex O’Callaghan (in Thailand)
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