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Testimonials - By Projects - Sports

  • “Although I was only in Accra,Ghana teaching/playing football for just two weeks they were the most educational and moving that I can remember.”
    Anthony Hearly (in Ghana)
  • “The football potential amongst young guys out there is really something, the game is physical and played with passion but most importantly always with a bright smile.”
    Anthony Hearly (in Ghana)
  • "I feel that I have discovered a greater passion for coaching/playing Football because of how committed the players are to the sport. It's inspirational to me."
    Gregory Miller (in Ghana)
  • "I think this experience is worthwhile in every way for anyone who is enthusiastic about opportunities like this."
    Matthew Shand (in Ghana)
  • “The whole experience has been most memorable and amazing. From going to the school and interacting with the students and teachers, coaching the girl’s football team at their matches, talking and joking around with my host family as if I were an actual member of the family, meeting and making some of the best friends ever with other volunteers making friendships with locals, my road trips with volunteer friends to seeing all the tourist attractions such as the Bungee Jump, they have all been the most amazing experiences ever. I have loved the opportunity of getting to know South Africa better than the average tourist.”
    Natalie Goch (in South Africa)
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