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Testimonials - By Projects - Teaching

  • “Being invited to the houses of my students was very special, to eat, make bread, milk cows and see street fiestas!”
    Jennifer Way (in Bolivia)
  • “My most memorable experience was teaching some of the children to play the recorder and preparing them for a concert at the end of my placement. Many of the children worked incredibly hard and made great progress. They were all very pleased with what they achieved in such a short space of time. As a Music Teacher in England, I have obviously heard a lot of excuses for not practising, however my favourite excuse is a Cambodian one: “My Dad said I couldn’t practice the recorder last night as it would make the snakes come to the house!”
    Lauren Brant (in Cambodia)
  • “The first lesson that I taught on my own was obviously nerve wracking, but the students were wonderful. They were used to foreign students and I found that they were very keen to make me feel happy and comfortable – I hardly noticed the time passing and by the end of it I was definitely looking forward to my next lesson!”
    Gemma Evans (in China)
  • “The School was extremely well equipped meaning for the last week of my teaching I could use a Multimedia Lab! I made a PowerPoint presentation and even showed the students some British music videos. The look of excitement and interest in there faces was extremely rewarding.”
    Chris Brown (in China)
  • “I now have a lot more confidence and it has helped me to view life from a totally different perspective.”
    Alex Grant (in Ghana)
  • “Working with the children was a real eye-opener. Just realizing how desperately they wanted to learn made my short time abroad extremely worthwhile.”
    Amy Harris (in Ghana)
  • “On route to visit some friends myself and another volunteer were carrying guitars and a variety of drums. Curiosity from locals and drivers grew, resulting in an impromptu gig, we played for ages… with ‘Foo Fighters’ and ‘Counting Crows’ and other such rocking songs. We attracted much dancing, laughing and shouting. We even scored a free ride in the tro for our efforts – fantastic!!!”
    David Busey (in Ghana)
  • “Teaching was such an invoking and uplifting way of being part of the community.”
    Hugh Goran (in Ghana)
  • “There have been many different experiences that I will always remember. The highlight of my trip was the week travelling to the north of Ghana and being so close to an elephant, monkeys and crocodiles. I have also enjoyed meeting so many wonderful friendly people and seeing the school children every day during my placement. It is great to feel part of a project that will help so many people in the future.”
    Sarah Farndon (in Ghana)
  • “The experience has given me a new outlook on other cultures and the challenge of teaching has really increased my confidence and adaptability.”
    Ben Thurman (in India)
  • “Teaching 50 children in a small class is something that I’ll never forget. They repeat everything you say even “Ummm” or “Uhhh”! They were so interested in pictures of England and it was amazing to see such passion and eagerness to learn.”
    Saagar Patel (in India)
  • “I found my time teaching English to be the most challenging, but ultimately rewarding experience of my life. Before I left I had many doubts about my ability to teach, but as I am sure that hundreds of volunteers before me found, somehow I managed it! I formed incredibly close bonds with the children (I taught 4-16 year olds) and they had a huge impact on me. They were the kindest, friendliest and most generous people that I have ever met. They were so eager to learn and teaching them was an absolute pleasure.”
    Sarah Christie (in India)
  • “My placement teaching English at the university was amazing work experience for me. The bonds built with students and the satisfaction of teaching them is an unforgettable memory.”
    Melissa Fraser (in Mexico)
  • “This placement was a great boost to my confidence and I hope to inspire others to take it up. It’s definitely worth it.”
    Andrea Martins (in Mexico)
  • “My time in Nepal was without a doubt an absolutely fantastic experience, the children I taught were absolutely adorable and the volunteers were great friends”
    Anna Thomson (in Nepal)
  • “I really felt I bonded with some of the classes I taught, coming into a class and seeing these big smiles and looks of excitement will be one of the everlasting memories I will take with me from my time in Nepal.”
    Andrew Fryer (in Nepal)
  • “The whole placement was magical! The beauty of the place, the friendliness and spirit of the people, the friends that I made and the amazing children made the whole experience memorable.”
    Olivia Porteous (in Nepal)
  • “My school has to be one of my most memorable experiences. It was different to anything in Europe – but great! Very welcoming! “
    Elizabeth Banfield (in Peru)
  • “Absolutely - I had the most amazing time - a completely indescribable experience. Amazing country, amazing staff, great host family, incredible project! I would recommend the Teacher Training program to anybody!”
    Laura Gent (in Peru)
  • The four months in Peru were far and away the best of my life to date, not least thanks to the organisation of the projects I was taking part in.”
    George Marshall (in Peru)
  • “The work I was involved in was brilliant and I really miss all my kids I taught in Peru.”
    Richard Bartlett (in Peru)
  • “My overall experience was absolutely amazing. I met some of the most wonderful people, saw some amazing places and will remember the children I worked with for a long, long time.”
    Rachel Fearnley (in Peru)
  • “I was a volunteer at the Teacher Training Program in Cusco. The more thought I've given to my travels abroad, the more I've realized the two projects I worked at in Peru, both the Teacher Training and Inca Archaeology projects, were two of the most well-run projects which afforded me the greatest opportunities for impactful service and personal growth. Looking back on my experience in the classroom as well as the experiences of the other volunteers I was working with, I heard nothing but optimism and positivity. Each volunteer felt that they were truly making an impact in the lives of their teachers and likewise felt the experience and skills they were gaining to be invaluable. 

    Today, I had the privilege of hearing former President Toledo speak at my university. He addressed the dire need for improved quality of education in Peru and stressed that this will only be achieved through increased and improved teacher training. Tim DeWinter, the Projects Abroad Peru Director, has established and runs a phenomenal teacher training program which does exactly this. It impacts the lives of countless students (not to mention volunteers) who may just go on to change the trajectory of Peru.”
    Tyler Karahalios (in Peru)
  • “I will never forget my time in Romania. It was a life changing experience filled with a roller coaster of emotions. The friends I made, the work I did and the love shared with the children are memories which will stay with me and I will cherish for the rest of my life.”
    Sarah Walsh (in Romania)
  • “Projects Abroad provides great placements and lovely host families. For gap year students and inexperienced travellers it provides great support and security and ensures that you can experience as much of the culture as possible. I think I feel more ready for university now.”
    Rosalyn Harvey (in Senegal)
  • “The Sri Lankan staff were all fantastic; I was in regularly contact with them and they immediately sorted out any problems that I had. I was so impressed by the whole experience, and how well I was looked after for the whole of my time in Sri Lanka. On my birthday I was going back to my host family for supper and as I opened the door all the other volunteers and some of the staff jumped and shouted "Happy Birthday"! It was such a shock! My host mother had cooked all my favourite food, and Projects Abroad had got me a huge birthday cake. It was so personal and thoughtful!”
    Emily Smith (in Sri Lanka)
  • “I had an incredible experience while I was away. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and I can’t wait to go back! I loved working in the school and now am really looking forward to becoming a teacher”
    Hannah Raines (in Sri Lanka)
  • “Before the start of my project the local staff were constantly in touch with me - if I ever had any questions then they were there! With Projects Abroad I had the ability to be completely independent, but with the knowledge that if I needed anything, or had the slightest problem, someone was only a phonecall away. Taking a gap year was probably the best decision I have made in my life and I am trying to encourage others to do the same!”
    Madeleine Jones (in Sri Lanka)
  • “In Thailand when I attended ‘children’s day’ celebrations at the school, the children preformed different dances and singing on stage, in front of teachers and parents – I felt like a proud mum!”
    Juliet Little (in Thailand)
  • “I was quickly accepted into the community, I got used to their way of life and I quickly grew to love the school and community.”
    Felicia Line (in Thailand)
  • “The family really made me feel special & treated me like one of their own. I was well looked after, and they took me to some wonderful places.”
    Marie-Christine Beck (in Thailand)
  • 'I have just returned from Thailand after 3 months as a volunteer teacher of English to adults. It was my third time as a volunteer but my first with Projects Abroad. From the start everything was more professional and organised than on previous volunteer trips. The reception and induction were thorough and informative. One to one discussions made sure that the coordinators and I got to know and trust each other and fine tune the placements. My students made this a wonderful Thai experience. The local staff provided an excellent blend of professionalism, independence and team work for me.'
    Thomas Mallon (in Thailand)
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