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Business, General Business Projects in Romania by Kasra Keykhosravie

Why Romania/Brasov?

Business in Romania

A lot of people have asked me why I picked Romania (Brasov) as the destination for my internship. One of the reasons why I wanted to go to Romania is because in 2012 I travelled to Moldova and I was lucky enough to experience the Russian lifestyle, culture and food so I was also extremely excited to experience the Romanian style of culture and history.

Why I wanted to choose a Business Project

After I finished studying Business Management-Finance, I could not find the right job that I wanted, so I decided to work in banking, then when the time is right make step by step plans for applying for the kind of jobs that I would like to work as, Such as a Business Development Officer or working in Marketing Assistance.

After careful research that I carried out about the positions that I want to apply for, I decided that the only way to increase my chances of getting the job that I’d like is to take part in some relevant volunteering positions which is why I approached Project Abroad to assist me with this matter.

First impressions of Romania

When I first got in touch with the Romanian team in Brasov to assist me with planning my 2 months trip, I was so happy, as they communicated with me regularly and understood what I was looking for. So they successfully came up with a step by step plan to cover all the areas that I needed to achieve while I was in Brasov.

Romania business project

Before I landed in Bucharest I was curious what the country will be like and how different it will be between Moldova & Romania. When Alex, one of the Projects Abroad staff picked me up from Bucharest Airport, I was impressed to see the Romanian mountains and forests, when we drove past all the beautiful green landscapes. After I witnessed the beautiful small villages and green fields on the way to Brasov, I already started to fall in love with Romania, I said to myself if I had the money, I would 100% invest in a holiday home within Romania and I would come to Romania as often as possible.

Meeting my host family and the Romanian team

My first impression of my accommodation was that it was basic and clean, it was an ideal place for me because I felt comfortable and I could travel from my house to the centre by walking as it was close by. I was very happy to find out that my host mother could speak some English, as then she could help me with providing all the things that I required without any problems.

When I met the Project Abroad team for the induction, I felt so relieved because there is more than one person working within the team and everyone is so helpful and friendly. If at any point I needed any kind of assistance, one of the team members would be straight away willing to help me out and provide the best solution to make feel happy within Brasov.

Volunteering Placements

Volunteering in Romania

During the couple of months that I stayed in Brasov, with the help of my supervisor, Alexandra I have managed to work with three different Business placements, a property real estate agency, a salsa dance school and an NGO. At the same time I was able to set up a marketing strategy workshop that I always wanted to provide to students. Project Abroad has got lots of placements and there will always be different kinds of choices that would suit everyone.

Meeting new volunteers and socialising

One of the good things about when I was in Brasov was that it has given me the opportunity to meet different volunteers from different parts of world, which I was happy and excited about. I was lucky enough to meet volunteers from Holland, Denmark, different parts of England, Japan, France, USA, Canada, Australia & Austria, which was fantastic and I am still in touch with all of them via facebook and skype.

During my free time in Brasov, I used to always meet with other volunteers, as all of us were very eager to explore the amazing sightseeing within and outside Brasov. What I can say to everyone reading this article, Brasov is a great place for doing your project and also to explore the historical sites.

Outcome of my volunteering project

Travels in Romania

I am so glad that I have successfully completed all of my placements with good results. With all of placements that I have taken part in, I feel that I have gained many fantastic skills which I can then use within my career. The second reason why I feel so happy and satisfied about this trip is that it has given me a lot of chances to meet wonderful people within Romania and also from all over the world. Finally this trip has made me think about how grateful I am within my life and also it has helped me to be more independent and self-assured.

Life after Brasov

When I travelled back from Brasov to Scotland, I decided that I wanted to travel to Vancouver, Alaska and then Toronto and now I am back in Scotland. I am planning to look for jobs within the marketing sector.

Kasra Keykhosravie

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