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Postcard of the Month

By: Kana Ueki and Cindy Baumgart

Postcard Of The Month

Konnichiwa and Guten Tag from India!!

We both arrived here from Japan and Germany this summer, and we work as journalists for the monthly magazine called the Sivakasi Times. How is it? It’s great!

We get to travel all the time, meet new people, and explore wonderful and inspiring India. Journalists’ privilege? If anyone is interested in getting to know the REAL India, journalism is the best!

Besides work, we often travel a lot on the weekend as well. This way we get to discover India from different aspects. Last weekend we went to Rameswaram, a place in south Tamil Nadu, close to Sri Lanka. It’s a very nice place to go for vacation; you have lovely beaches with very few tourists. You can rent a boat, go along the coast and find beautiful coral reefs under water and lots of fish as well.

We also arranged for a jeep and we even went to the tip of the peninsula to see Sri Lanka, which was only 18km away from that point. On the way there, we stopped at a ghost village and we were lucky to get a chance to meet an old man who swam to Sri Lanka three times in his life – the “champion” - all in all it was an interesting trip and a relaxing weekend that we can recommend to everyone!

Kana and Cindy