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Volunteer Care work with children overseas in Argentina

Care in Argentina - Orphanage Girls

As a volunteer on a Care Project in Argentina you will find there is a role for you whether you are volunteering during a gap year - or even a gap month - from further education, a career break, your annual leave, or if you are no longer working and want others to benefit from your experience. All we ask is that you have energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to seeing the work through. Our local staff will support you all the way.

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our Argentina Care Management Plan.

The severe economic crisis that took place in Argentina in 2001-2002 has created a very real need for the help of Projects Abroad volunteers. Many of the children we work with have been orphaned or abandoned by parents who cannot afford to support them. As a volunteer you will provide that added extra element of individual care and attention that every child needs, but which the staff in the organisations we work with rarely get the chance to provide.

Voluntary Special-Needs and Orphanage work with Projects Abroad

Care in Argentina - Taking Care of Disabled Children

If you are volunteering in Argentina with children you will have the chance to work in a number of placements in Cordoba - Argentina's second city - and the surrounding area.

Projects Abroad mainly works with care homes for orphaned or abandoned children. Some homes are relatively small and specifically deal with young children from ages 0-5. Here you will be very hands-on, helping with the everyday care for children. Other homes offer a shelter to over 90 children of all ages. At these placements, you are given freedom to develop your own activities to entertain the children. Volunteers here will find that the days pass very quickly, although you can expect to feel tired out at the end of it!

We also work with a number of centres for handicapped people and others with special-needs. If you have a love of horses then you could even combine this with a caring role on our Equine Therapy project. When you apply, please let us know where you feel you would best be able to help and our staff will work with you to find a suitable placement.

Volunteering abroad on a Care Project in Argentina

Care in Argentina - Little Girl

When volunteering on a Care Project in Argentina you are likely to be asked to help with a wide range of activities, depending on the age-group and needs of those you are working with. You may be required to help the staff with basic care duties at certain times of the day, but there will be other times when the work is less structured and you can help by simply playing with the children. You might take classes or workshops where you focus on painting, pottery or music with a group of children. The older children will probably need help with their homework at the end of the day. There are also opportunities to get involved in physiotherapy sessions and helping look after a home's garden or pets.

Whatever skills and talents you have, volunteer work in Argentina will give you the opportunity to put them to good use. Teach the children to dance, draw, or play football with them, you could even arrange to take the children on a day trip. The more time and effort you put in, the more rewarding your placement will be, both for the children you are working with and for you yourself.

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