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Volunteer IT Project in Morocco

Volunteer IT Project in Morocco In the 21st century, computer literacy is a skill which is valued very highly. It is therefore a huge advantage when searching for work to have learnt the basics of computer use, and this is something which our IT volunteers can help with. By sharing your knowledge of IT with students and teachers alike, you will increase the prospects of each individual you help.

Volunteers need a good level of competency in IT with a proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office, and ideally experience in building and updating websites, setting up blogs and some knowledge of maintaining computers.

There are no language requirements for this project as the students will often also be learning English. However, having basic French or Arabic will come in useful.

Volunteering Abroad on an IT Project in Morocco

Our IT project in Morocco is based in small centres in both Rabat and Sale. Students will be divided into different age groups; from 14 to 19 years old and adult classes from 20 years upwards.

You will receive a personalised time-table as classes can take place in the mornings, afternoons and evenings. Volunteers will work approximately 20 hours per week. Classes will sometimes be one-on-one with a student and sometimes teaching larger groups.

Volunteers will design their own courses, with the help of a supervisor, depending on the level and needs of the students being taught. Some students will have virtually no knowledge of computers and need very basic individual tuition, at other times you may work with the head of an association to help set up a new website to promote their work.

Gap Year volunteer IT project in Morocco

This IT Project is suited to volunteers who have a good knowledge of IT and can confidently explain how the programmes work. The help of volunteers on the IT project is always greatly appreciated; computers are a hugely useful resource and being able to use one is a great advantage.

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