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Dentistry Elective Placements in Kenya

Dentistry Elective Placements in Kenya

If you choose to do your Dentistry Elective with Projects Abroad in Kenya, you will be working alongside qualified dentists and dental staff in a dentistry department that is attached to a local hospital in the town of Nakuru. You will have the opportunity to experience the dental profession and how it works within another culture.

Projects Abroad will work closely with you to ensure your placement is able to fulfil the requirements of your elective module. Our in-country staff members are on hand to answer your pre-departure questions and help with any paperwork. They will also be able to support you throughout your stay in Kenya.

Staff Support in Kenya

You will be allocated a qualified dentist who will be your supervisor. You will spend the majority of your time observing their work, learning about the different procedures used with the patients and exchanging ideas. They will be a source of knowledge helping you gain a unique insight into how a dentistry department operates in Kenya. You will shadow qualified staff throughout your stay. They are receptive to enthusiastic students and, by becoming a valued part of the team, you will learn a lot and may be given more to do.

When you are on your Dentistry Elective placement, you will stay with one of our local host families. You will also meet other Projects Abroad medical elective students who you can spend time with during your days off.

All Elective students in Kenya now have the opportunity to add 1 Week Conservation Add-On to the end of their main placement. For more information visit our Conservation in Kenya project page.

Please be aware that most universities have deadlines by which time your Elective application paperwork must be completed. If your university needs information on the hospital or clinic in which you will be placed, or requires forms to be signed by your project supervisor, we strongly advise completing our application form at least one month before this deadline. We can only provide this detailed information once you have applied and been accepted onto an Elective placement with us.

If you have any questions please call us on 021 234 8002.

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