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Human Rights and Law Volunteer Work Experience Overseas in Senegal

St Louis Regional Court The experience that you will gain while volunteering on the Human Rights or Law projects in Senegal will undoubtedly improve your CV. This applies whether you are a gap-year student looking to study law at university or a law graduate looking to gain some practical work experience in human rights. Whether you join Projects Abroad as a Human Rights volunteer or a Law volunteer in Senegal your precise role will be determined by your knowledge of law and level of interest in specific areas. International law work experience is certainly something that all law firms will be pleased to see when recruiting trainees and new partners.

Since Senegal's independence in 1960, many people have enjoyed a more free and humane life, however, there are still many vulnerable people that need help. Today many local and international organisations are working to improve the situation of the poor, repressed and vulnerable within the country and Projects Abroad volunteers are assisting them in a variety of hands on initiatives, policy building research, and fact-finding missions.

The human rights associations and law firms we partner with are serious and professional organisations. You may sometimes have deadlines or you may be asked to represent the organisation at meetings and other events.

The official language of communication in Senegal is French and speaking intermediate French is necessary to participate fully in these projects.

Volunteering on a Human Rights Internship in Senegal

Aids march As a Human Rights volunteer with Projects Abroad you will assist at the African Assembly for the Defence of Human Rights (RADDHO). RADDHO is focussed on promoting the rule of law and democratic tolerance through various projects, including conferences on human rights, field investigations and publishing reports.

Human Rights volunteers in Senegal do not need any previous experience of law or human rights; however a keen interest in the issues is essential. Volunteers help RADDHO achieve its aim to promote, defend and protect human rights in Senegal by promoting respect for life and human dignity, supporting the effective equality of rights among all citizens and working to bring together the peoples of Africa, promoting peace, friendship and solidarity.

To achieve these goals, you may be asked to use means like:

  • The African Charter of Human Rights and Peoples' and any International text that presents a strong interest in human rights and ensure their effective implementation in all African countries.
  • Collect, disseminate and exchange information on the situation of Human Rights and Peoples' Rights in Africa and around the world.
  • Contribute to human rights education.
  • Provide legal assistance to victims of violations of rights.
  • Mobilize Senegalese, African and international public opinion to expose all cases of violation of human rights.
  • Encourage, explore and develop collaboration between RADDHO and any African or international organization pursuing the same objectives.

One of the primary goals of this Human Rights project is to help raise awareness so that ordinary Senegalese people understand their rights, and what protection they are legally entitled to in certain situations. Your role in this might involve various activities such as:

  • Raising awareness in rural communities
  • Preparing leaflets, posters or educational tools
  • Running training programmes
  • Planning promotional campaigns

Volunteering on a Law Internship in Senegal

Stay with a local host family Law volunteers in Senegal work with local law firms focusing on cases of civil law, penal law and also business and property law.

Law volunteers do need some previous law experience; whether you have completed a law conversion course, just started studying law or have practical previous law related work experience; please let us know when you apply.

Law volunteers are based at private law firms in St Louis and will work alongside Senegalese lawyers researching case precedents and developing litigation. Your supervisor will be a specialist in the area of law in which you are interested and will take your prior experience into consideration when setting you tasks.

You will be expected to take a certain amount of initiative in asking for work and it is important to communicate clearly with your colleagues. Don't be afraid to make sure that you understand a task before you start something. The lawyers will not mind you seeking clarification from them. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain experience of law practice in a developing country.

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