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Volunteer Medicine & Healthcare Abroad in China

Medicine & Healthcare in China - Traditional Chinese Medicine

Volunteering on a Medicine & Healthcare project in China is an exciting experience. As a medicine or healthcare volunteer you will gain a great deal of valuable work-experience alongside some of the most skilled and inspirational doctors in the country. The facilities are generally of a high standard, on a par with many hospitals in the west.

Our volunteers work in major city hospitals in Shanghai. Volunteers shadow doctors in a number of different departments. At Rui Jin Hospital, Shanghai as with our other Medicine & Healthcare placements in China there is a unique combination of western and traditional Chinese medicine.

Shanghai is large enough to enable volunteers wishing to broaden their medicine and healthcare experience in different areas to work in just one hospital. While the hospitals are modern, each city hospital has a department devoted to traditional medicine, which runs in conjunction with western medical practices in China. You may find that you want to concentrate your time in one area, or simply learn about the interplay of both types and the holistic approach that is taken to medicine.

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our China Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan.

All Medicine & Healthcare volunteers in China must have completed at least one year of medicine or healthcare related studies or training by the time they join this project.

"I had the opportunity to practise acupuncture with Dr Zhen Gang, my supervisor, on a few of the patients - an amazing experience."
Joanna Lamplough, Medicine & Healthcare volunteer in China.
"One of the best parts of my placements was visiting patients in their homes with one of the doctors. It allowed me to see Shanghainese life in a way I would not have been able to otherwise."
Sarah Prentice, Medicine & Healthcare volunteer in China

Volunteer Midwifery and Dentistry in China

If you have at least one year's related experience in Dentistry and Midwifery you can volunteer in one of the hospitals we work with in Shanghai. Our placements provide you with an opportunity to shadow local Dentists and Midwives, learning all about the practical aspects of the subject in this developing country. Your supervisor will test your knowledge, and will be prepared to answer any questions you have.

Medical Elective Placements in China

Medicine & Healthcare in China - Hospital Garden

If you wish to do your Medical elective in China, you will most likely be working in a large training hospital in Shanghai. You will shadow one of our supervising doctors who all have high levels of English and are very experienced at working with western Medical students. They will be keen to test out your medical and healthcare knowledge, as well as giving you the benefit of their training and experience. You are likely to work in close proximity to Chinese medical students, who are always interested about medicine and life in general in the west.

Outside of the hospital you will live with other volunteers in a centrally-located shared apartment. There is so much to explore and discover in Shanghai and the surrounding area, and our volunteer community is traditionally a lively and a varied one.

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