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Volunteer Occupational Therapy in Kenya

Volunteer Occupational Therapy Projects in Kenya

Volunteers on this occupational therapy project help treat patients with a wide variety of physical and mental disabilities. If you are an enthusiastic student training to become an occupational therapist or someone thinking of a career in occupational therapy, you will have the opportunity to provide valuable support to many people in Kenya.

Occupational therapy volunteer spend time consulting with patients at a local hospital that does not have their own occupational therapy department or working closely with special needs patients in a care centre that has a small therapy area. You may also have the opportunity to assist at clinics schools and orphanages where there are a small number of children who have special needs, including autism, cerebral palsy and sensory integration dysfunctions.

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our Kenya Medicine & Healthcare Management Plan.

Volunteering in Kenya as an Occupational Therapist

As a volunteer on this placement you will be treating patients of all ages, from children to the elderly, who may have orthopaedic, neurological or psychiatric conditions.

As an occupational therapist you will help to assess patients and offer guidance to help improve their cognitive, physical or motor skills. Your daily tasks may, therefore, include assisting patients with coordination training, speech training or even basic handwriting development. You can improve the lives of many patients by assisting them to become independent in their daily lives.

In addition you may be required to carry out workshops with the patients, teachers and local care givers in order to help educate and implement simple exercises and games that can be carried out on a daily basis in the homes or centres to provide extra stimulation for the patients.

Projects Abroad hold community education talks on managing various conditions and, as an occupational therapist, you can get involved in creating awareness and encouraging people to seek such treatment.

Besides gaining valuable experience in this field, your help will be greatly appreciated.

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