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Volunteer in Public Health Overseas with Projects Abroad

Volunteering abroad in the area of Public Health will provide you with valuable work experience contributing to improving health and the quality of lives of some of the poorest people in the developing world. It will also help contribute to furthering your career in Public Health in the future.

Public Health Volunteering with Projects Abroad

Volunteer Public Health projects abroad

While you are volunteering in Public Health services overseas, you will be involved in visiting communities and institutions such as schools and care centers to promote health and physical well-being. You will help carry out general health tests such as blood sugar levels, BMI and blood pressure, screen for many common diseases and illnesses including malaria, treat minor wounds and educate people about general health issues.

Whether you are looking to apply for a course in Public Health or are part way through your studies, there is a role for you to play on one of our placements overseas. Qualified Public Health professionals are keen to help you have a worthwhile experience with them, and are grateful of your help in their drive to reach out to as many people in poor communities as they can.

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