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Football Volunteer Projects in China

Volunteer football coaching in ChinaFootball in China is increasing in popularity. Whilst the national team still struggles to compete at an international level, more and more people are becoming involved in the sport and supporting local teams.

Chinese players going to play in European leagues attract massive media attention, and as a result also gain a large following. Many school children are keen to begin playing football and many football academies have recently been set up as a result.

Coach Football to Children with Projects Abroad

Football placements in Shanghai might vary from working with a well-known Chinese school which specialises in turning out professional young players, to private coaching for organisations which run programmes aimed at a wide variety of enthusiastic and young hopefuls.

On these projects volunteers can coach different age groups and abilities, and will have the opportunity to mix with people from backgrounds very different to their own. This provides a rich international experience and all within the sphere of the one of the world’s most loved sports.

Football coaching in ChinaWhether you are taking your own class or providing support to the local coach, your help will be much appreciated by both the coaches and the students. Most children, boys and girls, have a great enthusiasm and an unlimited appetite for sport, especially when it is made accessible and fun.

During your time as a sports volunteer in China you will be responsible for the development of young footballers’ basic skills and techniques. You will help co-ordinate and plan coaching sessions to develop skills such as ball control, accurate passing, and keeping possession. Furthermore you will help your supervisor to referee games.

Your Role Volunteering Abroad on a Football Project in China

Football coaching and work experience in ChinaWhen you arrive in China, you will be introduced to the students and your supervisor. Don’t worry if you have little or no coaching experience; the staff here are dedicated to their programmes and very open to volunteers, so will help you in anyway they can. You will be working alongside bilingual English/Mandarin speaking coaches, or will be provided with a translator, so communication won’t be a problem.

Volunteers typically begin coaching on location in the afternoons and may be involved in the planning of the sessions with the lead coach or other administrative work before hand.

Volunteers can also work on Saturdays and Sundays coaching youth sessions. You can arrange to take a couple of days off during the week if you prefer in order to relax and explore Shanghai.

In addition to coaching the youngsters at the football club, volunteers may also have the opportunity to help with demonstration sessions at various Chinese schools around Shanghai. If you have coaching experience you can also be involved in coaching education sessions to improve the quality of coaching in the club.

For those volunteers interested in business, volunteers also have the opportunity to be involved in marketing the football club.

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