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Volunteer Coaching Overseas: School Sports

Sports, School Sports - Football Training

Most people's first memory of playing sports will be whilst in school, and the experiences they have here will often colour their attitudes toward sports for the rest of their lives. It is with this idea in mind that we developed our School Sports projects.

Our first Sports volunteers began as conversational English teachers, and found that the schools we work with were keen to also have them take their students for sports lessons. The schools generally lacked the resources to provide specialised sports and physical education teachers, who had an understanding of the intricacies of the games the children wanted to play. Our enthusiastic volunteers then began to offer extra-curricular activities and start football and athletics clubs.

Volunteers can get involved in coaching numerous different sports in our School Sports destinations. If you would like to coach in an area that we do not mention, then please do make sure you contact us, because our partner organisations are always keen to hear new ideas, and new opportunities are being developed all of the time. If you are also prepared to offer conversational English teaching alongside your Sports placement, then you will be contributing even more to the community you are working in.

You can volunteer as a coach on a school sports project no matter what your age, your experience or your abilities; whether you are on a gap year, a career break, an extended holiday or even during your retirement! You just have to have a passion for sport, and the desire to pass the skills, techniques and attitudes that come with it on to the next generation.

Coach Sports in Schools with Projects Abroad

Sports, School Sports - Volleyball Team

Projects Abroad volunteers are involved in coaching sports to school children in six of our destinations. They are engaged in sports like football and basketball - established favourites in their own countries; where skills learnt playing back home can really benefit the development of the sport in a new country. Football in Cambodia is one of our proudest examples of this type of School Sport project.

Volunteers are also involved in popular national sports like Cricket in India, where even young children will have the basic skills and enthusiasm for the game, having played the sport from probably the moment they could pick up a bat! All volunteers must also be prepared for the tables to be turned on them when the children decide it's time for you to learn one of their sports; a spot of Mongolian wrestling for example, or a lively game of the Indian favourite Kabbadi!

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