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Volunteer Coaching Overseas: School Sports in Jamaica

Sports, School Sports in Jamaica - Sports field at back of school

Sports are given a high priority in many Jamaican schools and the country is extremely proud of its sporting achievements, including having the most Olympic success per capita of any country in the world in track and field. By taking part in a voluntary sports project in Jamaica you can help to inspire the next generation of sporting talent.

The most popular sport is football, but cricket, basketball, athletics and netball are also widely taught in schools. Football is engrained in Jamaican culture and boys' football competitions get impressive attendance. Cricket is a lasting memento of the colonial days; however, over time the sport has gained fans and players from all social backgrounds and is now popular across Jamaica regardless of economic status or background. Basketball is a much more recent sporting addition in schools and has become the fastest growing sport on the island in the last ten years.

Coach Sports in Jamaican Schools with Projects Abroad

Sports, School Sports in Jamaica - Blue mountains

Whichever sports you enjoy, if you have a passion for developing sports in schools you can help to coach children as a volunteer sports coach. We offer our volunteer sport coaches the opportunity to work with local sports teachers in both primary and secondary schools in and around the inland town of Mandeville.

While volunteering abroad you could dedicate your time to the sport you love or help with a range of lessons. You can also combine your sports placement with teaching English. Just let us know where your interests lie once you have applied and we will match you to a suitable school.

You can volunteer on a Sports coaching project in Jamaica without any previous experience of coaching, although it is fantastic if you already have some. Volunteers are welcome no matter what stage of life they are at - during a gap year from education or a career break or even as an alternative holiday. All we ask is that you have a passion for sport and a desire to help others to develop their own sporting ability.

Volunteering Abroad on Sports Projects in Jamaica

Helping to involve children in sports in Jamaica means that the children become fitter and healthier, as well as giving them a sense of belonging to a team with a shared passion and goal. This in turn has positive benefits for the wider society because many of the youth in the local community are inspired to engage in sports outside of school, which can keep them away from less wholesome activities, and give them vital structure and purpose.

There may also be the opportunity to help with some specialist sports clubs after school.

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