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English Teaching Volunteer Work Abroad in China

Teaching in China, Classroom As China opens its doors to the West, the desire to learn English has never been greater! A good level of English could be the ticket for many students to study at one of China's major universities, or to study outside of China at prestigious universities in the US and UK. Economically, China's huge manufacturing industry requires English speakers to liaise with foreign clients while huge numbers of foreign owned companies are now flooding into the country to take advantage of the huge potential markets, and they also require bilingual staff.

Voluntary English teaching in schools in China brings these new and exciting opportunities within reach of people in communities where, just a few years ago, they would never even have been dreamt about. It is a fantastic way to witness the changes going on in society that has some of the oldest cultural traditions in the world; China will never be the same again.

Whether you want to travel to China as a teaching volunteer during your gap year, career break or as part of an extended holiday you will have an important role to play and will be fully supported by our large team of local and international staff. You do not have to have previous experience and we do not require you to have taken a TEFL course.

Teach English Language in schools with Projects Abroad

Teaching in China Working in Secondary schools in Wujiang - in the Jiangsu province around three hours from Shanghai - Projects Abroad volunteers are needed to improve the conversational skills of school students. Traditional values are still important in China so teachers are well respected and you will find students excited to learn. Class sizes vary between thirty and forty students, and you will be teaching students aged from 12 to 18 years.

All volunteers who work in Wujiang will live with a host family, giving you a unique perspective on Chinese life. Our families are typically hospitable and inquisitive about life in the West, and you are sure to have plenty of questions for them. You may find yourself involved in informal language lessons with the members of the family, in both English and Mandarin!

During the summer months when the schools are on holidays, volunteers will be teaching in Shanghai - a lively and cosmopolitan city - where we work in a language centre, teaching conversational English to adults and university students. Volunteers here live together in shared apartments.

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our China Teaching Management Plan.

Volunteering on a Teaching Project in China

With competition for university places high and fewer opportunities for students outside of the main cities, you will be popular with both the students and your Chinese colleagues. Basing lessons on topics within the local curriculum, you can use role-plays, debates and games to encourage the students to speak and develop their vocabulary. The students will want to learn from you about Western culture so having a native English speaker in their classes is a real advantage for them.

You don't need any previous teaching experience or qualifications before joining our projects. We have plenty of suggestions for games and activities that will help to stimulate the students' minds and sustain their enthusiasm. We always welcome new ideas and we hope that you will take time to prepare and structure lessons. Being prepared will help give you confidence and ensure that you and your students get the most out of your time teaching in China.

Whatever skills and talents you have, volunteer work in China will give you the opportunity to put them to good use. Be imaginative with your teaching to make learning fun and enjoyable for the students. The increased exposure to conversational English will enable the students to advance their language skills and brighten their futures in a big way.

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