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English Teaching Volunteer Work in Jamaica

Villa Road teaching Jamaica is today a country of extremes, with wealthy Jamaicans enjoying a modern, western lifestyle, frequenting shopping malls and exclusive golf clubs, whilst the poorest people in society, some 16% of Jamaicans, remain living below the poverty line. The wealth distribution reflects Jamaica's slave-plantation heritage and the descendants of black slaves tend to be among the poorest classes in Jamaica. Yet it was the end of slavery that heralded the start of education for all and the government is currently investing in improving and modernising the education system throughout the country.

As a Projects Abroad volunteer, teaching in Jamaica will give you an amazing new perspective on this incredible country. You can gain invaluable development work experience without any previous qualifications, and you are not required to have undergone TEFL training. Whether you are coming to volunteering during your gap year, career break or an extended holiday, you will have a role to play in one of the schools that we work with, and you will be able to make a real difference.

Teach English Language in schools with Projects Abroad

In class Projects Abroad Jamaica is based in the University town of Mandeville. Although Jamaica's official language is English, many children grow up speaking Jamaican Creole at home. Jamaican Standard English (a mix of American and British English) is taught in schools and speaking Standard English well is key to getting a sought after job in business or within the tourist industry.

Volunteer teachers work alongside the Jamaican staff to help improve the pronunciation of Standard English. By running lessons in Standard English and making them fun and inclusive you can really help to develop the pupils' confidence. They are sure to be interested in you and your life, and you can take advantage of this to get them talking to yourself and each other.

In most schools you will begin as a classroom assistant, supporting the teacher in their lessons. However, as you get to know the children better and start to grow in confidence you may want to take on more responsibility. If you have any other interests or subjects you would like to teach - such as maths, art, music, drama or sport there will be opportunities to incorporate these into your classes too.

You can read more detailed information about the aims of the project in our Jamaica Teaching Management Plan.

Volunteering on a Teaching Project in Jamaica

Children Whatever your skills, as a volunteer in Jamaica you will make an important contribution by improving students' spoken English and giving them the confidence that comes from being able to communicate more easily. You will also help to increase cultural awareness, which is one of the main aims of the government's current educational campaign.

The impact you have on the lives of your students will be obvious and long-lasting, but you will also be part of a much larger volunteer network, which is making a really positive contribution to the wider community. It will be an experience you never forget!

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