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Teaching Projects Abroad

Andrew Fryer

Volunteer Story by Andrew Fryer
Teaching in Nepal

My overall experience in Nepal was incredible. I really enjoyed my time at Anal Jyoti Secondary School where I taught for three months, it was a fantastic placement one that many volunteers have enjoyed. I really bonded with some of the classes I taught. Coming into a class and seeing big smiles and looks of excitement on the faces of all the children will be one of the everlasting memories that I will take with me from my time in Nepal. Teaching classes of children from the ages of 6 - 17 was at times challenging, but also very rewarding. I enjoyed the strange questions the pupils would ask and the compliments they would give you.

Volunteer Story by Andrew Fryer - Playing With Local Children

Living on the school grounds meant a lot of my time was spent with the children who boarded on the school grounds. The majority of these children came from underprivileged backgrounds yet despite this they were extremely friendly and always smiling. Every morning we'd be woken up by one of the younger kids knocking on our door, just wanting some attention. The moment you let them in they were looking round every corner of your room to see what things these funny westerners had brought to Nepal. Towards the end of my time some of the smaller children would come in and ask us to sign their homework diaries where normally a parent would sign. This for me was one of the highlights of my trip. To feel as if they had accepted me was really touching and when I left Nepal to go travelling I really missed the company of the kids interrupting my sleep first thing in the morning.

Volunteer Story by Andrew Fryer - Me And My Class

Also during my placement I was able to become involved in a project painting a government school in the local village. This was not only a rewarding experience because of the end result, but also because it further introduced us to the local community. Occasionally during the afternoons, me and another volunteer would walk up through the village to visit a local Buddhist monk. On the way pupils would call out your name and be seen from their roof tops smiling and waving. The local painter would often turn up and try and get us to try the local Newari Nepalese food and drink.

It wasn't just the local people who I became close to; I also made some really good friends with the other volunteers and have kept in touch with many of them since. It was really nice to have the opportunity to share your experiences with the other volunteers. I was even lucky enough to accidentally bump into one of the volunteers in Australia, and met up with another (who started his Projects Abroad round the world trip in Nepal also teaching) during his volunteer placement in Peru.

Volunteer Story by Andrew Fryer - Enthusiastic Students

Living in Nepal wasn't always easy; it was hard at first to adjust to this new way of life. But by the end of my trip I had grown very close to some of the kids. I could talk about my time in Nepal for days on end; stories including the Everest flight on Christmas day, the close friendship I had with one of the kids who spoke no English, Paru the 14 year old girl who practically mothered the majority of the 60 hostel kids and the strangest questions and answers I would never have expected during my classes. It was nice to feel like I'd made a difference during my time in Nepal but I'll also remember the lessons that the trip taught me.

Andrew Fryer

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